Six Weeks/Months Industrial Training in Android

Six Months Android Industrial Training

There are more than 2 billion monthly active Android devices across the globe. The Android Industrial Training is a mobile operating machine mainly for touch screen gadgets, mobile phones, and pills. Its layout allows customers to control cellular devices intuitively.

Android Software Programs are also embodied in Automobiles, Television, wrist watches, and almost every equipment. We, the team of Elysian Corporation are the helping hands as we render learning techniques to candidates and companies with not only the basics of Android development but also advanced skills that would assemble you attaining the potential for mobile development in a sample greater measure.

Why you need to have Training in Android

  • At present, 87.7% of the world’s smart phones are run on the Android OS, and the total number of Smartphone’s is expected to hit 6 billion by 2020 which means there is a heavy demand for Android Developers currently in the market.
  • Android Industrial Training will give you hands-on practice to gain skills and confidence. These trainings are specially designed to gear up students who require experience, exposure and skills set in IT Industry.
  • These trainings will be helpful for banking and Finance as they uses different Android software’s such as Paytm, PhonePe, BHIM etc to complete their task and to make their work easier.
  • Learning Android Programming is fairly easy and app development is cost effective. Any software developer who can assume out of the container will be able to placed android into amazing use.

Scope Of Android Industrial Training From Elysian Corporation

  • With the help of training, you will be able to mould your own apps. By the end of industrial training in Android from Elysian Corporation, you will have a portfolio of many android apps to showcase.
  • You will get a chance to work with experts in their field who have actually created apps and games that you desperately desired to create.
  • Our Industrial Training will help in taking you to the next level.
  • Our experts will guide you the detailed GUI development, how to access data from the files
  • You will guide you how to sell your applications in the Android marketplace.
  • By working with our experts, you will get to learn how to combine the technical and scientific skills with the creativity
  • The skills and techniques you will learn from our experts will translate a living you will be proud of.

Training Modules of Android

Introduction To Android

Core Java
• Overview of Android and Android SDK
• History of Android
• Android Features

Android Architecture Overview

Introduction To OS Layers
• Linux Kernel
• Libraries
• Android Runtime
• Application Framework

Setup of Android development Environment

System Requirements
• Eclipse and SDK installation, AVD creation
• Creating first Android Application
• Project Structure
• Creating, compiling & Executing By Cmd

Android Application Fundamentals

Android Application Building Blocks
• Activating Components
• Shutting Down components
• Lifecycle of Application
• Development tools, Manifest File
• Lifecycle of Activity

User Interface

View Hierarchy and Layouts
• UI Events
• Building Menus
• Creating Dialogs

Main Building Block

• Intents
• Pending Intent
• Broadcast Receivers
• Services

Data Storage

Shared Preferences
• SQLite Databases
• Creating databases and using SQLite
• Querying Database-Create ,Update ,Delete, Insert
• Using Cursors,SqliteOpenHelper

Location Services

Selecting a Best Location Provider-GPS
• Finding Your Location-latitude & longitude
• Tracking Your Position.

Google Maps

Creating Map -Based Activities
• Using the Geocoder.
• Using Itemized Overlay.

Android Media API

Playing Audio/Video
• Media Recording
• Controlling Camera Settings
• Taking a Picture

Telephone Manager

Reading the phone, network, data connectivity, and SIM states
• Making Phone Calls
• Controlling the Phone


Managing Your Wi-Fi
• Monitoring and Managing Your Internet Connectivity

Searching with google search manager

Search Yourself
• Searching for Meaning in Randomness

Web Services

• Introduction to HTML5
Project work is mandatory after the completion of the training program.

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