Six Months Industrial Training in AutoCAD

Six Months AutoCAD Industrial Training

AutoCAD Industrial Training for Automatic Computer Aided Design which assists its users in proving an intuitive user-surface that comes with built-in designs layouts. These layouts include countless templates that are exceptionally designed for architectural planning and building construction. So with the proper knowledge of AutoCAD, anyone can tackle tasks which include designing architectural plans for constructive purposes or building structures to reflect in actual-time.

Individuals who are working are currently pursuing carriers in engineering, architecture, mechanical field have more benefits of using AutoCAD. The design documentation and design aggregation tools which are built into AutoCAD not only increase productivity but also assist in streaming your design and documentation workforce more speedily.

Why you need to have Training in AutoCAD

  • AutoCAD Training will provide Engineers, surveyors and drafters with the comprehensive package for designing and drafting for a wide range of Designing and Engineering projects.
  • AutoCAD works rapidly which helps in saving the time of the architect and a designer.
  • It’s the most powerful working environment which will save your money and reduce the errors.
  • With the help of AutoCAD Training, you can reduce the problems in designs before it exists in reality as all the work designs and data is performed on 3D dimensions.
  • It provides professionals a large number of tools which helps in improving the quality of the designs for investigations and high-quality designs.

Scope Of AutoCADTraining From Elysian Corporation

  • By Training from a Certified Company, you will get a chance to work on live projects with our team which will enhance your skills and knowledge.
  • Workshops and seminars are being conducted to keep the candidates updated with the latest technologies.
  • We have professional trainers who take the responsibility of the candidates, solves issues and increase work efficiency.
  • We provide free study materials, PDF’s, important notes, sample questions, exam preparation and interview questions.
  • 100% job assistance is given, we also provide part-time as well as full time jobs for students after completion of training.

AutoCAD Syllabus

Introduction to AutoCAD and Working with the Windows Environment

• Starting AutoCAD and Understanding the Display
• Interacting with AutoCAD
• AutoCAD File Operations

Creating Your First Drawing

• Setting up a Drawing
• Using AutoCAD Drafting Tools
• Understanding Objects

Viewing and Plotting a Drawing

System Requirements
• Understanding the Display and Virtual Screen
• Using ZOOM and PAN To Control the Display
• Using the Aerial View Window and Creating Views

Basic CAD Drawing Techniques

• Setting the Display Format and Units
• Working with Prototype Drawings
• Coordinate System Basics

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