Six Weeks/Months Codeigniter Industrial Training

Six Weeks/Months Codeigniter Industrial Training

Codelgniter is the most powerful PHP framework having very small footprints which are built for PHPC coders who wants simple and elegant set of tools to create full-featured web applications. The main aim of Codeigniter is to help you to develop projects with a much better faster speed. It let’s your creativity focus on your project by minimizing the amount of code needed for a given task. If you are really tired of large and thoroughly undocumented frameworks, then Codelgniter might be a good fit for you.

Why You Need To Have Training In Codeigniter

  • Codeigniter is the easiest way to utilize modular programs.
  • Codeigniter PHP Development is compatible with most of the web users, numerous operating systems and platforms.
  • It’s an easy debug which allows you to easily get out of the errors in your development
  • It’s a powerful PHP framework which is based on the popular model which helps you to easily look forward to a quick development process.

Scope Of Codeigniter Industrial Training From Elysian Corporation

  • We are tied up with the leading companies and provide full support to our candidates for Job Placements and train individuals for interview preparations.
  • By having one of the biggest team of Certified Professionals and we provide free of cost seminars for personality development and for personal presentation.
  • We provide 24X7 lab facility with the latest equipment so that the students can access labs without any time-bound.
  • Also assist students in gaining knowledge of complex technical concepts and provide them free study material, books, PDFs, video lectures, sample papers.
  • We provide extra time slots for practical to students without any additional cost to enhance their knowledge.

Syllabus Of Codeigniter PHP


  • Introduction
  • Elements
  • Tags
  • Attributes
  • Paragraph
  • Headings
  • Line Breaks
  • Horizontal Rule
  • Lists
  • Formatting
  • Color Codes
  • Font
  • Text Links
  • Email
  • Images
  • Image Link
  • Forms
  • Table
  • Frames
  • Comments
  • Music Codes
  • Video Codes
  • Div

Cascading Style Sheet

  • Introduction
  • Types Of CSS(Internal, Inline, External)
  • Selectors(Tags)
  • Use of Class and Id with the Selectors
  • CSS Background & Color
  • Text
  • CSS Font
  • Border
  • CSS Padding


  • Introduction
  • Formatting and Coding Conventions
  • Javascript Files
  • Comments
  • Embedding Javascript in HTML
  • Using Script Tag
  • NoScript Tag
  • Operators
  • Control Structures(If else, switch, loops)
  • Array and For Each Loop
  • Defining and Invoking Functions
  • Built in Objects
  • Date Objects
  • Interacting With The Browser
  • Dialog Boxes
  • Event Handling
  • Cookies
  • Client Side Validations


    • What is PHP?
    • PHP File?
    • Mysql?
    • PHP+MySQL
    • Basic PHP Syntax
    • Comments in PHP
    • Variables
    • PHP Operators
    • Control Structures(If else, switch, all loops)


  • Each Loop
  • Functions
  • Form Handling
  • PHP $_GET
  • $_POST
  • PHP date() Function
  • PHP include File
  • File Handling
  • File Uploading
  • PHP Sessions
  • Sending Emails
  • PHP Cookies
  • Introduction To MySQL
  • PHP MySQL Connect To a Database
  • Closing A Connection
  • MySQL DataTypes
  • Insert
  • Select
  • where clause
  • Delete
  • Update
  • Aggregate Functions(sum,avg,count etc)
  • order by and group by clause
  • Subqueries
  • Joins


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