Six Weeks/Months Digital Marketing Industrial Training

Six Weeks/Months Digital Marketing Industrial Training

Good marketing makes the company look smart and great marketing makes the customer feel smart. Digital Marketing is the promotion of products or brands through one or more forms of electronic media. It uses many services, tools, marketing strategies which mainly depend upon the internet as a promotional medium in accumulation to email, mobile, wireless text messages, digital television, radio channels, electronic billboards etc.

Why you need to have Training in Digital Marketing

  • Almost every businesses are changing their plans of actions into Digital ones
  • Digital marketing is the most cost effective than the Traditional Market
  • It provides equal opportunities for every kind of business
  • Digital marketers get more Cost Per Lead (CPL) as compared to other marketing channels
  • It helps in generating better and higher revenues

Scope of Digital Marketing Industrial Training From Elysian Corporation

  • By working on live projects based on Digital Marketing under the guidance of our experts, you will get an experience of real working environment of IT Industry
  • Our expert trainers help the candidates in providing free study material such as PDF’s, sample questions, interview questions, video training.
  • We provide 100% job assurance to our candidates.
  • We conduct live discussions among the students to collaborate on various topics related with digital marketing.
  • We provide training-come-placement program and train candidates for interview with the help of marketing experts.

Syllabus Of Digital Marketing

Seo (on-page)

  • Research of keywords with google planner
  • How subdomain should be selected
  • How to Name pages & folder.
  • Naming image, image title, creation.
  • What are Meta tags? What is Meta description? How to insert keywords in Meta tags?
  • Author, country & robots.
  • Redirection tags
  • What are heading tags? (h1-h6)
  • What is content writing?
  • Natural Seo based content writing
  • Anchor link & link title.
  • txt file creation & its use.
  • Sitemap creation (html).
  • Xml sitemap creation.
  • Tracking tools for site ( how to use google analytics & webmasters)
  • What is Alexa? What is Alexa rank? Why Alexa rank is useful?
  • Alexa integration

Seo (off-page)

  • What are backlinks? Why backlinks are important? How to get backlinks? What difference is between do follow & no follow backlinks?
  • What is page rank? What is google page rank? How to increase page rank?
  • Search engines submissions.
  • Directory submissions.
  • How to write article? & article submissions.
  • How to write blogs? & comment writing.
  • Classifieds postings, forum postings.
  • Business listings.
  • Social bookmarking’s & social networking.
  • Rss feeds

Search engine algorithms

  • Overview
  • Understanding search engine algorithms.
  • How do search engine algorithms work.
  • Why a search engines needs to be updated?
  • Penalties and recoveries of search engine.
  • Reasons to get your website penalized.
  • How to get your site optimized of Google’s hummingbird algorithm?
  • What is panda and penguin algorithms?
  • What is Google’s emd updates?
  • Recovery of your site from panda, penguin and emd?

Social media marketing (SMM)

  • What is social media? use of social media in digital marketing
  • Trends about social media
  • Social media success stories
  • Tools


  • From objectives to roi.
  • Competitive research & analysis
  • Strategy presentation by participants
  • Participants to create fb marketing strategy for their organizations
  • Types of fb ads
  • Fb ads vs google adds
  • Importance of ctr ( click through rate)
  • Targeting & optimizing copy of your ad
  • Live fb communities
  • Community building on fb
  • Fb brand page orientation
  • Edge rank algorithm, what is importance of engaging targeted audience on fb?
  • Creating brand ambassadors on fb
  • Leveraging fb insights for success
  • Fb marketing success stories


  • Understanding twitter
  • Pr on twitter, building brand, engaging customer through leadership.
  • Leveraging lists, hash tagging & trends.
  • Influence measuring tools for twitter
  • Creating twitter marketing strategies
  • Twitter strategy framework (objectives to roi)
  • Creation of twitter marketing strategies

Linked In

  • Linked in leveraging for B2B
  • Overview of linked in
  • Lead generation through individual profiles
  • Lead generation for enterprise, company page , ads , api, groups
  • Profile makeover, answer , groups , status update recommendation
  • Discussions over Social media channel
  • Other sources (slide share , pint rest , g+)
  • Open discussion on approach to leverage them
  • Measuring roi of social media
  • Guidelines
  • Significance of qualitative feedback
  • Roi measurement framework
  • Roi metrics dashboard creation
  • Roi measuring tools
  • Planning & creation of multi-channel social media channels
  • Creating multi social media strategy
  • Resource planning
  • In-house vs outsource
  • Key competence
  • Tools
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