Six Weeks/Months Industrial Training in Hybrid

Six Months Hybrid Industrial Training

Hybrid is a project-oriented programming language in which objects are the active entities. It is based on controlling the interactions between active objects. It is the future of mobile applications. Hybrid starts with the object-oriented approach as it is displayed in various systems and adopts it a model in which objects are strongly-typed and highly concurrent. Hybrid applications are built with the combination of JavaScript, HTM, LCSS and then they are covered in the internal application using platform like Cordova. Examples of hybrid language are C++, PHP, and Python etc.

Why you need to have Training in Hybrid

  • Hybrid Applications are particularly developed to have the inherent advantages of both native as well as web application development.
  • It helps in reducing time and cost for developing the applications
  • No update is required and don’t have to wait for the approvals.
  • It helps in developing both online as well as offline access as the application can be packed through a server or by locally.
  • These apps provide a shortcut to deploy web applications by wrapping the website application code by using a native framework such as PhoneGap.

Scope of Hybrid Industrial Training From Elysian Corporation

  • We have certified expert trainers with real Industry experience which is pioneer in proving best training.
  • Hybrid is one of the predominantly in-demand language, by learning the basic concepts of Hybrid from Elysian Corporation is enough to sustain in the IT Industry.
  • Our Industrial Training will help in taking you to the next level.
  • Hybrid is having its place in every situation where fast development is the main priority.
  • We offers regular Job interviews to each student until they get placement
  • Our main focus is on practical implementation and assignments and provides opportunities to work on live projects

Syllabus of Hybrid


Core Java
Introduction to Javascript
Chrome Debug tools
Control Structures
JavaScript in Web Browsers
The Window Object
Scripting Documents
Scripting CSS
Handling Events


Overview of AngularJS
Data Binding
Routing and Animation


Ionic Introduction
Ionic CSS Components
Ionic Javascript Components
Advanced Topics


DOM and JQuery Overview
JQuery Selectors
JQuery DOM Traversing
JQuery DOM Manipulations
JQuery Effects
JQuery Events
Third party Plugins
JQuery UI Widgets
JQuery UI Interactions

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