Six Weeks/Months Industrial Training in IOS

Six Months IOS Industrial Training

The massive players in the Smartphone industry are android and iPhone. IOS is the most popular Operating System developed by Apple. It is written in multiple languages and only runs on computer products such as iPads, iPhones and IPods. If you have lost your data or inaccessible system files on your device, you can retrieve your lost files on an IOS device. Moreover, the data recovery process is quite quick and simple.

Why you need to have Training in IOS

  • With the growing population of iPhones, iPads and iPods, there is a huge demand for iOS developers
  • Skilled professionals are required in maintaining and improving the existing applications as these apps must be kept to up to date with the release of new versions
  • It’s a great tool of Apple which lets you mould smart and eye-catching UI with the help of Drag and drop.
  • It allows you to reuse codes which are written by other developers in your applications.

Scope Of IOS Industrial Training From Elysian Corporation

  • We provide deep knowledge and continuous practice that will mould you to become a skilled and successful app developer.
  • With the help of our skilled trainers, you will be able to work with maps and other UI components and by having training from beginner’s basics to advanced techniques.
  • Our Industrial Training will help in taking you to the next level.
  • You will be able to create and manage IOS controls such as button, pickers and custom IOS drawing.
  • We provide free interview preparations, mock sessions and 100% job assistance.
  • We provide free study material such as important notes, PDF’s, sample questions, lab guides, video training etc.

Training Modules of IOS


o iPhone and iPad Device Anatomy

o iOS Architecture and SDK Frameworks

o iOS and SDK Version Compatibility

o Apple iOS Developer Program


o Tour of the IDE

o Templates, Projects, and Workspaces

o Creating a New Project


o Debug Gauges

o Asset Management

o XCTest Testing Framework

o Continuous Integration and Bots

o Automatic Configuration

Objective-C for Experienced Programmers

o Classes, Objects, and Methods

o Declared Properties

o Memory Management

o Automatic Reference Counting (ARC)

o Categories and Extensions

o Formal and Informal Protocols

o Blocks

Application Patterns and Architecture

o Model View Controller (MVC)

o IBOutlets and IBActions

o Subclassing and Delegation

Views and Windows

o The View Hierarchy

o Containers

o Controls

o Text and Web Views

o Navigation View and Tab Bars

o Alert Views and Action Sheets

o Controlling Rotation Behavior

o View Autosizing

o Autolayout


o Adding Scenes

o Segues

o Transitions

o Using in a Tab Bar Application

Table Views

o Static and Dynamic Table Views

o Delegates and DataSources

o Table View Styles

o Custom Cells

Navigation Based Applications

o Adding the Root View Controller

o Creating the Navigation Controller

o Controlling the Stack Navigation Programmatically

UIPicker View and UIDatePicker

o Designing the UI

o Coding for the Data Picker

o Hiding the Keyboard

o Memory Management

Directories and Files

o NSFileManager, NSFileHandle, and NSData

o Pathnames in Objective-C

o Working with Directories

o Working with Files

o Reading and Writing from a File

o iCloud

o Key-Value Data

o Archiving

Working with Data

o SQLite Integration

o Using SQLite Directly

o Overview of Core Data

o Managed Objects

o Persistent Store Coordinator

o Entity Descriptions

o Retrieving and Modifying Data

Multitouch, Taps, and Gestures

o The Responder Chain

o Touch Notification Methods

o Enabling Multitouch on the View

o Gesture Motions

o Gesture Recognizers


o Core Graphics and Quartz 2D

o Lines,Paths,andShapes


o Core Animation Blocks

o Animation Curves

o Transformations


o Application States

o Background Execution

o Background App Refresh in iOS 7

o State Restoration


o Local Notifications

o Push Notifications

Core Location Framework

o Location Accuracy

o Obtaining Location Information

o Calculating Distances

o MapKit Framework and MKMapView


o Grand Central Dispatch (GCD)

o Serial and Concurrent Queues

o Main Dispatch Queue

o Completion Blocks

o Operation Queues


o Reachability

o Synchronous Downloads

o Asynchronous Downloads

o Handling Timeouts

o Sending HTTP GET and POST Requests

o Parsing JSON

o Parsing XML

o AirDrop

Targeting Multiple Devices

o iPhone vs. iPad

o Universal Apps

o Multiple SDK Support

o Detecting Device Capabilities

o Supporting iOS 6 and iOS 7


o Resources

o Language and Region

o NSLocale

o Text

o Dates

o Numbers

Performance and Power Optimization

o Measuring Performance

o Instruments

o Responsiveness

o Memory Usage, Spikes, and Leaks

o Networking and Power

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