Six Weeks/Months Industrial Training in IOT

iot industrial training in mohali

Six Months IOT Industrial Training

The Internet of Things (IOT) is a stomping ground of analogous computing gadgets, electro-mechanical and digital machines, items or humans which might be furnished with particular identifiers and the potential to switch facts over a community without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. Moreover the Industrial Training has been designed for engineering students and expert with fundamental expertise of electronics, circuit-design, microprocessors / micro controllers and programming languages.

Why you need to have Training in IOT

  • Internet of things plays a very important role in our lives from managing airport’s passenger flow to heating building and taking care of elders.
  • In a country like India, we lose plenty of money due to lack predictive systems in agriculture fields but IOT has a great prospective for smart farming. No matter where you are living, you still have the power to control things on fields.
  • With smart phone being a crowned head now-a-days, there are massive reasons why Internet would be striving. Top companies are hiring students with an experience of IOT since they are anticipating reaching many more people via such sources.

Scope Of IOT Industrial Training From Elysian Corporation

  • The Training Program covers software languages like C, C++, Linux Operating System Design, IOT Communication Protocols and ARM Embedded Processors / forums which have a lot of job opportunities.
  • While working on live projects with interactive sessions under the guidance of professionals, you will get a real working experience of the IT Industry which will be beneficial for your corporate growth.
  • By having training in IOT, the candidates will get to know about the smart leading transportation companies like UBER, OLA which are taking help of IOT, now-a-days, it is applied to almost every industry.

Syllabus of IOT

Basics of IOT

What is IOT?
Network Architecture.
Device Architecture.
What is Embedded?
Why we used Embedded system in IOT.
Application of IOT.

Basic Hardware in IOT

Basic Electronics Components of IOT
Zener Diode
Photo Diode
Different type of Operational Amplifier
Decoder HT12D
Encoder HT12E
Crystal oscillator
Different Type of DC motor
Testing on breadboard
How to glow LED without program
LED by switch
LED by two switch
Use of capacitor in circuit
Testing of Relay
How to operate AC with help of DC
Testing of Transistor(PNP and NPN)
How to make Logic Gate with help of Transistor
Testing of LDR
555 timer
Lm324 IC
Make a project with help of LDR
Make a project with help of transistor and capacitor

Controller use in IOT

What is Arduino & ESP8266?
History of Arduino & ESP8266
Hardware and Software Description
Comparison between Arduino and ESP8266.
Programming Software


Glow the LED
Different pattern of LED
Pull up and pull down condition of switch
LED by switch
LED by two switch
Hello print on LCD
Different name pattern on LCD
Interfacing H bridge(l293D IC)
DC Motor working with Arduino
DC Motor with one switch
Interfacing Two motors with four switch
LCD with Motor
Servo Motor Interfacing
DC motor drive with PIR Sensor
Make a project with help of PIR Sensor
Interfacing Ultrasonic Sensor
DC motor drive with help of Ultrasonic Sensor
Make a ROBO car with help of Ultrasonic Sensor
Interfacing LM35(Temperature Sensor)
Make a project with help of LM35
Interfacing PIR Sensor
Interfacing RFID
Make a project with help of RFID

IOT Communication Protocols

Wireless Protocols (SPI, I2C, USART, UART, Modbus)
Networking Protocols(OSI Reference Model, TCP/IP, Ethernet)

IOT Communication Module

RF Module
Bluetooth module
GSM Module
LAN Module
Wifi Module

Data Storage

Shared Preferences
• SQLite Databases
• Creating databases and using SQLite
• Querying Database-Create ,Update ,Delete, Insert
• Using Cursors,SqliteOpenHelper

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