Six Weeks/Months Industrial Training in Laravel

laravel industrial training

Six Months Laravel Industrial Training

Laravel is a most popular Open Source MVC framework like CakePHP, CodeIgniter etc. It helps to develop a website using a simple and clear code in a short period of time. Moreover, if you are looking to build a carrier in Web Development, learning Laravel will provide you better job opportunities and prominent carrier growth. It’s a latest framework used for establishing powerful dynamic Web Pages and has a clean, elegant, and expressive Syntax Structure. Therefore, Laravel development provides flexibility to the developers they need to create everything ranging from a Small Website to the Big Enterprise Applications.

Why you need to have Training in Laravel

  • Laravel is a strong PHP framework which makes the ultimate use of HTML and builds the essential websites and applications.
  • It helps in managing the logics and styling of the web applications
  • It enhances the security of the web applications
  • It’s the only framework which includes a variety of pre-installed libraries
  • It allows the developers to fabricate small and large number of applications

Scope of Laravel Industrial Training From Elysian Corporation

  • The Training is designed for each batch with hand on project exposure in the Lab Sessions.
  • We conduct Live Discussions among the students to collaborate on various Topics and have discussions for well-rounded Learning Exposure.
  • We provide 100% Job Assistance and have a Great Track Record for candidate’s Placements.
  • Our Expert Trainers provides the best open-source PHP Framework Projects which are widely used in Web Application Development these days.
  • We assist students in gaining knowledge of Complex Technical Concepts and provide them free study material, books, PDFs, video lectures, sample papers.

Syllabus of Laravel

Laravel Topic

Introduction to PHP Framework
Introduction to Laravel
Laravel Installation
Routing in Laravel
MVC in Laravel
Caching in Laravel
Event subscribers in Laravel
Package Development
Creating an Application
Testing in Laravel
Database Configuration
Helpers in Laravel
Laravel Pagination
Laravel Security
Authentication Facade
Validation in Laravel
Eloquent ORM
Artisan Command Line Interface
Deploy Application using Laravel

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