Six Weeks/Months Industrial Training in PLC / SCADA

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Six Months PLC / SCADA Industrial Training

SCADA, also known as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition is mainly used to control your application and is important for Industrial organization as it helps in maintaining efficiency, process data for smart decisions and communicate system problems. One of the most important principal of any SCADA product is to add new capabilities to an existing system. It provides facilities to store large amount of data and is quick in obtaining responses. Moreover, it helps in providing interface to connect thousands of sensors for controlling and monitoring operations.
PLC is a programmable logic controller which is designed for repeatable processes because they have no mechanical parts and the information which controller collects can be used as a feedback to guide needed changes and improvements to processes. It is basically known for its capability to operate continuously without maintenance

Why you need to have PLC/SCADA Training

  • PLC are continuously growing and evolving to be the best option for a variety of industrial automation application.
  • PLC’s are getting a lot of benefit from USB technology
  • The need of PLC programming is increasing rapidly because of greater flexibility, scalability high-speed and more memory.
  • In future, PLC will continue to evolve while adopting technology enhancement in hardware, software and communications
  • It helps in monitoring and controlling distributed server/multi user applications.
  • These technologies will help you to take advantage of mobility, visualization and other new technologies

Scope of PLC/SCADA Training from Elysian Corporation

  • Our team of experts helps in developing practical situations using simulators where the students have to make decisions on their own which enhances the confidence and knowledge of the candidate.
  • Our trainers provide self designed modules that will help students in brushing up their skills.
  • By working on live projects under the guidance of experts, you will get to know about various techniques with latest equipments.
  • We provide free of cost seminars to help candidates to develop innovative skills and strategies about the training.
  • We render 100% job placements and conduct various job interviews.
  • Free training sessions are conducted on group discussion, mock interviews, and personality development to sharpen the individual’s skills.

Syllabus of PLC/SCADA

Introduction of plc

  • Industrial automation
  • Basic block diagram of PLC
  • Electrical Relay logical diagram
  • Relay control panel
  • Application of relay logic gates


  • Introduction
  • Logic Gates
  • Power Ladder Diagram
  • Creating Real Time Project
  • On / Off Delay Timers
  • UP / Down Counters
  • Working With Industrial Projects


  • Introduction of Processors Modules
  • Reload programs
  • Input/output fault finding
  • Implement changes to the program.
  • Monitor program to determine
  • Ethernet Communication
  • Working With Industrial Project


  • Introduction of Processors Modules
  • Input/output modules
  • Reload program
  • Input/output fault finding
  • Implement changes to the program.
  • Introduction to communication
  • Connect online and monitor programs to determine plant problems
  • Working With Industrial Projects


  • Introduction of drives Modules
  • DC motor speed control
  • Control panel wiring
  • Introduction to Communication
  • Volts, Amps, Frequency Mode operation




  • Introduction of scada
  • Standard graphics objects
  • Buttons, sliders, pipe connections, civil & mechanical parts
  • Display and application windows
  • Creating and editing tags
  • Animation configuration
  • Text and text control
  • Wizards
  • Graphs, bar charts
  • Reporting achieved data can be reported to paper
  • Working With Industrial Project


  • Intellution FIX 32
  • Ev Designer
  • Wonder ware intouch
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