Revealing the Five Shocking SEO Facts You Never Knew About

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Ready to dip your toes in technical SEO? SEO still stores heaps of secrets not only for the beginners but even for the advanced users. I’ve tested a lot and simplified it down to five sharing the unrevealing shocking SEO facts you’ve never heard before:

Duplicate content never gets you penalized: So you think you will be penalized for the sake of duplicate content? Have you ever saw duplicate content mentioned anywhere? Nope! It’s all about the copied content. The duplicate content won’t get you penalized while the copied content will. What it does is to honor the unique content and then associate it with the added values.

All search engines doesn’t use links as a ranking factor: Is it possible to rank without links? Yes! The Google wishes to rank your website based upon the facts instead of links, which means that the trustworthiness of a domain might help you to rise up the ranking if Google measures the quality by facts rather than links.

Google+ is the largest medium for Google rankings: It still remains a mystery whether the social signals are really affecting the SEO or not. So the only way we can talk about the uncertainty is by the result of the thorough research which is conducted precisely; the average number of shares on Google+ that the search results leaders have is quite higher as compared with other sites.

The object detection in images is the strongest ranking signal: You must be aware of the fact that Google is intelligent enough for detecting objects in images but hardly any of you is introduced with the fact that it is also the strongest ranking signal and can influence any business. This helps Google to show fewer levels of false results in image SERP and helps to upgrade the position of Individual pages.

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