Six Weeks/Months Industrial Training in SEO

Six Months SEO Industrial Training

Online promotional is very essential for any business website to be at the top. SEO, also known as Search Engine optimization, is a process of improving the visibility of your website. It helps your business to grow rapidly. The SEO experts optimizes the website so that the search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing can help you to rank higher in their services than the competitors. An SEO service contains Technical Optimization, On-Page Optimization, link search engine friendly website designs and development.

Why you need to have SEO Training

  • To get high traffic at low investment
  • To get top rankings on search engines
  • It’s not just about search engines, it is a practice to improve the usability of a website
  • To fabricate fresh and unique content to promote your website
  • To increase website trust

Scope of SEO Training from Elysian Corporation

  • With the increasing demand of SEO Services, the job opportunities for the industry is also improving
  • During Industrial Training, our main focus is on the growth of individual. Our expertise will let you know how to mould a source using editor and other important instructions with live projects so that it will become easier to learn.
  • By working with our experts, you will get to know about various techniques and latest equipments
  • We conduct job interviews and renders 100% job assistance
  • A lot of our candidates have made a successful SEO career
  • We provide free training sessions with group discussion and personality development to sharpen the skills of an individual.

Syllabus of SEO

Basics for SEO

  • Basics for SEOWhat is Domain
    Basic Knowledge of World Wide Web
    Difference between Portal and Search Engines
    What is SEO
    Types of SEO Techniques
    Black hat techniques
    White Hat techniques
    How Search Engine works
  • SEO Research & AnalysisMarket Research
    Keyword Research and Analysis
    Keyword opportunity
    Competitors Website Analysis
    SWOT Analysis of Website
    How to Choose Best Keywords
    Tools available for Keyword Research

Website Design SEO Guidelines

Content Research
Content Guidelines
Content Optimization
Design & Layout
XML Sitemap / URL List Sitemap

On-page Optimization

The Page Title
Meta Descriptions & Meta Keywords
Bold Text
Domain Names & Suggestions
Canonical Tag
Meta Tags
Images and Alt Text
Internal Link Building
The Sitemap
Invisible Text
Server and Hosting Check
Robots Meta Tag
Doorway Pages
301 Redirects
404 Error
Duplicate content

Off-page Optimization

Page Rank
Link Popularity
Link Building in Detail
Directory Submission
Social Bookmark Submission
Blog Submission
Links Exchange
Reciprocal Linking
Posting to Forums
Submission to Search Engine
RSS Feeds Submissions
Press Release Submissions
Forum Link Building
Competitor Link Analysis


Google Analytics
Installing Google Analytics
How to Study Google Analytics
Interpreting Bars & Figures
How Google Analytics can Help SEO
Advanced Reporting
Webmaster Central & Bing/Yahoo
Open Site Explorer
Website Analysis using various SEO Tools available

SEO Tools

Keyword Density Analyzer Tools
Google Tools
Yahoo / Bing Tools
Rich Snippet Text Tools
Comparison Tools
Link Popularity Tools
Search Engines Tools
Site Tools
Miscellaneous Tools

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