Seven Ways to Speed up Your WordPress Website

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The only of which WordPress suffers from; it’s quite slow. Therefore, without taking the right precautions, you might end up with a lumpish site, which is not only a hassle for repeat visitors but will also cause you the loss of subscribers and customers.
In this post, I’ve covered all the top ways which I have found to constantly speed up WordPress.

Select a good host: While starting out, a shared host might seem like a bargain. Incredibility, it slows down the site speed and frequent down the time during the high traffic period. If you are planning to publish popular stuff, you’re just killing yourself by running your WordPress site on the shared hosting. Don’t be a victim; always try to invest in a proper hosting.

Begin with a solid framework/theme: The WordPress themes that are having a lot of dynamic elements, widgets, social icons, sliders ad many more shiny elements are extremely appealing to the eye. But always keep in mind if you have too many elements and higher page sizes, they will definitely cause your web server for taking a thumping.

The Content delivery network won’t disappoint you: Content delivery network (CDN) assists in speeding up your WordPress site. One of the main features of CDN is a better loading time for your website, doesn’t matter which type of site you’re running. Moreover, it will take all the static files you have got on your site and let your visitors download them easily just by serving the files on servers.

Reduce the size of your images: Of course, images are the major contributor to size the increments for a given webpage. The trick is just to decrease the size of the image without compromising the quality. If you try to manually optimize the images by using chrome page speed insights or by any other tools, the process will take a long time. You can use optimole or EWWW image optimizer as they will drastically reduce the size of image and will improve the speed of your WordPress Website.

Disable the pingbacks and trackbacks: The Pingbacks and the trackbacks are the two core WordPress components that alert you whenever your blog or page receives a link. Yeah! It sounds useful but you also have things like Google Webmaster Tools and other services for checking the links for your website. Keeping trackbacks and pingbacks can also put in some undesirable amount of stress. Therefore, you can easily turn it off in WP-Admin – settings – discussions. You just need to put away the “allow link notifications from further blogs”.

Conclusion: Speeding up the website is an important factor for the success of your business. It helps in influencing bounce rate, search rankings, conversations and much more. The ways defined above are the proven measures for speeding up your WordPress website. Therefore, always remember that speed isn’t everything; the target is to fabricate a high-quality website which serves the visitors in its best way.

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