Six Ways to Make Your Android Phone More Secure

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In this technological world, it’s hard to avoid the web. Tablets, PCs, Smartphones and even our coffee makers are wirelessly connected to the internet at a single push of a button. The chief things from updating your phone and applications regularly to using pass codes must not be taken casually for making your Android devices more secure. The devices buzz with the notifications, emails, and status updates at all hours of the day and making it harder to concentrate. It sounds like an easily avoidable problem but it’s very hard to imagine life without your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or Google Pixel blowing up all day.
Fortuitously, there are numerous ways of avoiding these small irritations and making your android devices more secure.

Know your Android: You might be an Android user, but how well do you know about the security and privacy settings of the operating system which you are using? Now it’s time to sit down and gets to know your operating system all over again or you can reacquaint yourself with its built-in features by doing some research. For the starters, some of the features you need to check out are the smart lock, verify apps, and find my device, device protection, and full disk encryption. Moreover, the older and the newer SmartPhone models alike may encounter performance issues once the users choose the encryption features.

Give your phone a security and privacy audit: Do you have a pin, password, or a pattern to lock your phone? If not, give it one now! Does your Google account have two-factor authentication enabled? If not, then you need to set up that next. However, it doesn’t mean you have to use all the security and privacy features, although this is an ideal setup for the optimal safety. If a function is providing you to be more a problem than the solution, like full disk encryption, then you need to keep it disabled and use a third party encryption app instead. You can easily find these apps in the Play store.

Use two-factor authentication: When you are all the way to secure your phone, you need to lock down all your Google services as well. One of the best ways of doing this is with Google’s own two-factor authentication. You can do this by login to your Google account and head to the two-step verification settings page. By selecting “using 2-step verification” from the menu, you can easily follow up the prompts.

Use apps from Google play store: Literally, a massive majority of Android malware comes from the unreliable 3rd party application sources. Google keep on working on making the play store safer than ever. For example, Google play protects can automatically scan your android devices for malware when you are installing the programs.

Rearrange the pull-down buttons: Android is good enough to allow you to choose the icons which are included in the shade of easy access. Probably, you don’t really use things like wifi calling or NFC, but still have the ability to quickly set your phone to vibration, by toggle location on/off, or access the flashlight all with a single tap. You can easily rearrange the buttons which appear in the shade by tapping the hamburger icons in the top right corner of the shade and tap the edit button. Then you can easily move the buttons round to your liking.

Use virtual private network: Whether you’re on the road, at a local coffee shop or at your remote office in Singapore, definitely you will use free Wi-Fi. But to make yourself safer you will want to use a mobile virtual private network (VPN). Some of the best VPN are Keep Solid VPN unlimited, Private internet access, and TorGuard etc.

Winding up:
What most of us don’t realize is that it only takes single callous or unknowing click which can actually harm your holistic security. Always try to avoid clicking on dodgy links and delete all those things which look suspicious. However, if you don’t want to induce the odds, your best bet is to prime your Smartphone’s security up to the hilt, use those apps which can take care of your privacy, educate yourself on the latest threats and most of all, cling to the sound and protect the behavior while handling your phone.
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